Constance Wu found it “unsafe” for her to be alone when her mental health plummeted. The actress – who recently admitted part of her upset was due to trauma from alleged sexual harassment at the hands of a producer on a sitcom she was working on – revealed what transpired during that dark time.

Wu came under fire in 2019 when she expressed her disappointment that her show “Fresh Off the Boat” had been renewed for a sixth season, the 40-year-old actress admitted the response she received from the Asian-American entertainment community for being “ungrateful” for her success tipped her over the edge.

Constance explained while on “Red Table Talk“, “I read these DMs from an Asian American actress, somebody who should have been my ally. And I felt like nothing I could ever do would be enough. I felt like the only thing that would prove to her that I felt as bad as she thought I deserved to feel would be if I died.”

The DMs said: “Nothing you could ever do would make up for your atrocious behavior and disgusting ingratitude. You sullied the one shining beacon of hope for Asian Americans. You’ve become a blight on the Asian-American community,” the unnamed star wrote.

Wu added “I felt like even that might not be enough because I felt like the world was saying, ‘You will never suffer as much as you deserve to suffer. You deserve to pay for this and be punished for this.’ “

One night, the “Crazy Rich Asians” star climbed over the railing of her fifth-floor apartment in New York City but was interrupted by a friend, who insisted she seek help.

She recalled, “A friend who had come to check on me pulled me over from climbing over the ledge and dragged me into the elevator and took me into a cab and took me to a psychiatric emergency room where they checked me in and I slept the night on a cot in the waiting room in the psychiatric E.R. in New York City under observation.”

Constance then agreed to see mental health professionals for daily treatment. She admitted, “I needed it. I was unsafe at that point.”

“I was in a mental place of just beating myself up and so much shame. Feeling like I didn’t deserve to live, feeling like the world hated me, feeling like I’d ruined everything for everyone. And maybe I did for some people, but people make mistakes, right?”

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