More than 15 years ago, a man turned into a thief after a night out inside Paris Hilton’s car. Now, he is ready to confess—and may have made a new bestie in the process.

In a TikTok freestyle rap video that follows the “One Thing About Me” trend, influencer rom the AsapSCIENCE channel recalled a story how he “robbed” the heiress of a pair of designer sunglasses during a night of partying. Paris, who was famously one several celebrities targeted by a “Bling Ring” of burglars, not only appears unbothered by the incident but even responded to the video about the ’00s incident in a very ’20s way: Through a TikTok reaction “duet.”

“One thing about me is that I once robbed Paris Hilton and I hope she never sees this because I could go to jail. The slammer,” Greg, 34, said in his original video. “I was at an M.I.A. concert. The musician. It was great. I was drinking and [makes a smoking gesture]. I left the concert and then a big, black car pulled up and all these people screamed and Paris Hilton got out.”

Greg continued, “Then everyone goes inside, including Paris Hilton. The club was called The Guvernment in Toronto, if you know it. And everyone went and did their own thing. They all left. But the car was still there and me and my friend opened the door. There was no one in the car, so we just got in the car.”

Greg went on to say that Daniel Powter’s 2005 song “Bad Day” was playing inside the vehicle, where the influencer also discovered a script for her 2005 horror film House of Wax.

“We were laughing, we were screaming, we were in Paris Hilton’s car,” he continued. “Then my friend said, ‘Run!’ and then I thought the cops were coming, so we ran. But my friend was actually screaming with joy because she’d stolen her Christian Dior sunglasses. Sorry Paris.”


@parishilton #duet with @asapscience LOL! 😹 Can you please do a reveal of the sisterhood of the traveling Paris Hilton sunglasses? 🤣💀🕶 #ThatsNotHot #ButThatsHilarious #ButAlsoPlsDontRobMe ♬ original sound – AsapSCIENCE

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