A talented American Idol finalist shared a heartfelt video of him singing just before a fatal car crash.

In 2021, Willie Spence took part in the talent show’s 19th season, he came in second place and was praised for his incredible vocal talent.

Tragically, the 23 year old passed away this past Tuesday, 11 October, when he crashed into the back of a tractor-trailer that had stopped on the hard shoulder of a road in Tennessee.

Spence’s singing talent was admired by many and the young star often shared videos of himself belting out incredible songs on his social media.

And Tuesday was no exception, with Spence posting a video of himself singing ‘Lord Your Are My Hiding Place’ to Instagram.

The same day, Spence would be pronounced dead, having suffered ‘multisystem trauma due to motor vehicle accident’, as shared by Marion County medical examiner Barbara O’Neal.

A spokesperson for Tennessee Highway Patrol also said that an investigation into why Spence’s car veered off the road is underway.

Katharine shared the video. Credit: katharinefoster/Instagram
Katharine shared the video. Credit: katharinefoster/Instagram

Now, many are noticing the video he posted leading up to his accident, Katharine McPhee Foster, who sung a duet with the star during the show, re-sharing the video on her Instagram story saying: “He posted this right before his accident.”

She went on to comment underneath the video: “You’re with Jesus now. God bless you. Thankful for the time we had.”

Fellow contestants also shared tributes to the star, with Alyssa Wray saying: “I’m so heartbroken. I’m sick to my stomach. I’m shocked. Still not sure my mind is fully processing this. I love you brother.

“The memories we have together are some of the best memories I have in this life and I will cherish them forever. I will hold you in my heart forever. You taught me so much. Your voice. That voice. Your kindness. Your love. By the grace of God, I sing for you forever now Willie.”

His fellow contestants poured in tributes. Credit: itsalyssawray/Instagram
His fellow contestants poured in tributes. Credit: itsalyssawray/Instagram

While American Idol said in a statement following his passing: “We are devastated about the passing of our beloved American Idol family member, Willie Spence.

“We send our condolences to his loved ones.”

And, if you look at the video that Spence posted before his death, it’s now filled with heartfelt comments, with one fan writing: “Omg I am so at a loss for words. Not you Willie! 💔💔💔 Wow… 😭🕊️ Rest in Paradise, king 😔.”

While another added: “Fly and sing with the angels and dance amongst the stars friend! RIH 🥺🕊️✨”

A third said: “owww my heart really hurts! May you rest in paradise Willie 🙏🏾😢 Such a star! ⭐️ And a sweet soul! You will be missed! ❤️”