Martha Stewart is 81 years old and impressively dropping thirst traps on the timeline.

Last month, Stewart stripped down and wore nothing but an apron for a Green Mountain Coffee Roasters ad campaign.

Stewart spoke to People about the ad and said while she had some doubts about the shoot, she very much liked how it came out.

Via People

The lifestyle expert, 81, is wearing an apron — and nothing else — for a new campaign celebrating Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ seasonal coffee pods.

As a former model, Stewart tells PEOPLE that she is open to sharing sultry photos. “I started modeling when I was a young girl and if the job called for any bit of nudity in any way, I could go with it, it’s okay. I’m not embarrassed about it,” she says.

While “it wasn’t so much of a challenge” for her to strip down even now, Stewart explains that some doubts did creep in: “I thought, ‘Oh gosh, am I going to look good enough?’”

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Ultimately she is happy with the end result. “I try to stay in good shape, and I think I looked very passable in those lovely photos,” she says, adding that she practices “pilates, exercises, swimming and horseback riding two times a week.”

Despite the fact that the ad came out a month ago, people on Twitter found it recently and it instantly went viral.

Some dudes are already shooting their shot and sliding in Martha’s DMs.