A mother and son have been left with severe liver damage after eating wild mushrooms they had picked themselves.

Kam Look and her son, Kai Chen, were out foraging just a few weeks ago in Massachusetts when the pair came across wild mushrooms similar to those they had safely picked in Malaysia.

The pair took the mushrooms home believing they would be fine to eat.

After cooking the mushrooms, Kam and Kai started to feel unwell after their meal.

Both were suffering from high temperatures and were rushed to Cooley Dickinson Hospital for treatment.

On arrival medics noticed the mum and son needed specialized treatment and urgent care.

They were quickly rushed to UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester for further tests.

A toxicology expert identify the mushroom poisoning and said the patients needed urgent critical care.

The pair both had life-threatening liver damage which has a death rate between 30 and 50 percent.

An investigational new drug was especially flown in from Philadelphia to try and help save the mum and son.

Toxicology experts liaised with other experts from around the country on how best to treat the patients.

Young Kai was released from hospital a few days later after treatment but mum Kam needed “more dramatic intervention.”

She was placed on the liver transplant list as the damage done to her organs was severe.

The surgery to replace Kam’s liver would be “high-stakes” but was performed after the hospital found a liver for her within a few days.

She then spent a number of days intubated in the intensive care unit and was monitored by specialist nurses working around the clock.

Nurses were giving Kam special medications to try and keep her in the best possible condition.

After a number of scary days, the mum was moved to an acute care ward and has began her slow recovery.

Since then she has been in a rehabilitation centre and is set to return home soon.

This led to Kam and her son Kai, along with the medics who saved their lives, to come together on Thursday to urge people to be careful when consuming wild mushrooms.

The hospital said the number of mushroom poisonings is increasing as a result of foraging.

It is believed the increase is due to an internet trend of wanting to identify mushrooms to consume and for a psychedelic experience.

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