Amber Heard has been embroiled in scandal and controversy thanks to her trial with Johnny Depp. Although that chapter has closed, Heard is still dealing with the fallout. One of the struggles she is still facing is a lawsuit from her insurance company, New York Marine. Heard now claims that she was not a United States resident when the lawsuit was filed and is not a U.S. resident.

You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide

In the court document, Heard’s defense states, “Ms. Heard was not a resident of the United States when New York Marine filed its lawsuit and is not now a resident of the United States. Therefore, this court lacks jurisdiction.”

A picture of the court document that contains Heard’s claims has been making the rounds on Twitter.

Other Twitter users were quick to dispute Amber’s claim and mock her current life circumstances. One Twitter user pointed out that people who move to different countries cannot escape paying taxes in the U.S., so Heard shouldn’t be able to avoid this.

A user called out Heard for previously stating that she had a right as an American to be heard in court.

Another pointed out that if Amber has a normal passport, she is a U.S. citizen and has to renounce her U.S. citizenship to become stateless.

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