Julie Bowen is opening about her sexuality.

The Modern Family alum, 52, revealed that she was once interested in a woman, despite identifying as straight, while interviewing Becca Tilley on Monday’s episode of her Quitters podcast.

“I’m straight. I’ve always been straight. I was in love with a woman for a while but she didn’t love me back,” she admitted. “She liked women, but she didn’t like me in that way.”

She added, “It never really took off so I never really had to challenge my concept of my sexuality.”

Bowen’s comments came as she discussed putting labels on one’s sexuality with the The Bachelor alum, who went public with her relationship with singer Hayley Kiyoko in May.

“I hope people don’t always have to come out,” Bowen told Tilley. “What you do with your body should not be the first thing we know about people, or care about — that’s your business.”

Tilley, 34, shared that she “never thought about a label” when it came to her own sexuality.

“Hayley and I met and we just had this instant connection. I fell in love with her so fast that I never went into this like, ‘What does it mean? What is my label?'” she said. “For me, I’m just attracted to people.”

“I don’t have an issue with coming out,” she added. “I just hope that one day people don’t have to come out, because it causes a lot of stress and weight added. Life is already really hard, falling in love should just be a natural, beautiful thing people shouldn’t have to explain to anybody.”

Earlier this year, Bowen admitted to having a crush on Harry Styles but said she was “very single” on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“Word on the street is that you have a little bit of a crush, girl,” said guest host Adam DeVine, who mentioned that Bowen attended Styles’ Fine Line tour in November.

“You’re asking me if I’d come out of [dating] retirement for Harry Styles?” Bowen responded. “Oh, hell yeah. Him? Look at him!”

She went onto detail what she liked most about the “Watermelon Sugar” singer.

“He’s got that same energy that Twitch does where they’re so gorgeous and sexy, but there’s so much joy that you don’t feel dirty about what’s happening in your pants,” she said, giving a shout-out to Stephen “Twitch” Boss.

Bowen added, “He’s just bringing the joy and the light and the Watermelon Sugar. You just feel good about the whole experience.”

Bowen was previously married to real estate investor Scott Phillips for 13 years, though they filed for divorce in February 2018. The exes have three sons together: Oliver, 15, and 13-year-old twins John and Gustav.

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