Now that Tom Brady is single again, journalist Kendra Middleton has come out with her affection for the quarterback.

Tom Brady has had a rough year. The quarterback went through a public divorce with supermodel Gisele Bündchen, and he has had a rough streak with the Tampa Bay Buccaneersas the team has not looked like the squad that made it to the Super Bowl. The cherry on top is the fall of FTX, the prominent cryptocurrency exchange.

However, as the popular quote goes, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Now that Tom is through all the rough phases this year, the light is slowly beginning to emerge. Firstly, Tampa has won two games straight following his divorce, which is amazing, but there is more.

Tom Brady is officially back on the market as a single man, and unsurprisingly, the quarterback already has a suitor who is interested in him. It is none other than Kendra Middleton, the gorgeous NESN college sports reporter who, in an interview with the New York Post, did not hold back about her interest in the seven-time Super Bowl champion.

The NESN college sports reporter has a thing for the GOAT due to his dedication to the sport and work ethic. “Obviously, he’s very physically attractive, but his work ethic is awesome. I love it. He’s so dedicated to his craft that he doesn’t even eat tomatoes, you know what I mean?”

Well, Tom Brady’s work ethic has us all in awe, not just Kendra. At 45, he continues to play at the peak of his career. The quarterback’s dedication when it comes to football is something that none of us can question. Kendra is currently based out of Boston, a place where Tom is revered as a legend.

His stats and achievements speak for themselves. From being drafted at 199 in the sixth round in the 2000 draft by Bill Belichick, he has come a long way. With six Super Bowl wins under his former coach, Brady has defied the odds time over and over.

“Tom’s entire identity for a couple of decades now has been football. I’m sure (divorce) is scary for someone who doesn’t have experience being around their kids all the time. Maybe this is what Tom needs to build those relationships. His future is family,” the analyst stated.

Kendra Middleton’s beliefs stem from reports of top media pages that cited the primary reason for the quarterback’s divorce from Gisele was due to his regret to retire to spend more time to become a family man when he knew he still had a lot of gas left in the tank. A competitor at heart, Brady’s decision did not come as a surprise, but it was unfortunate to see his marriage end the way that it did.

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