Actor Jim Parsons is ready to expose his former Big Bang Theory castmates in a scathing new tell-all.

Sources close to the situation revealed the 49-year-old actor has been upset for years after his past co-stars Johnny Galecki and Kaley Cuoco mouthed off about him leaving them high and dry when he decided to leave the show and break up the gang in 2018.

Parsons quit the show in 2020 saying he was ready to explore other opportunities. At the time Parsons left the show all three main cast members were pulling in $1 million per episode.

“I was shocked,” Galecki said about Parsons quitting. “We were just blindsided that day. We’re a family; have a conversation!”

“Jim was blinded by THAT,” fumed a source. “He believes he made it clear to all his co-stars he was ready to leave the show and for them to point fingers now and make it seem like he pulled the rug out from underneath them is unfair!”

Parsons has said he found it therapeutic talking to author Jessica Radloff for a book about the show, and it got him thinking.

“It was really interesting because it was sort of a decompression of those 12 years that I didn’t realize how helpful that would be,” he admitted.

Sources said that since Parsons’ fuse has been lit by his ex-friends’ betrayal, insiders said he wants to tell the whole story from his perspective.

“He wants to set the record straight and lay bare the real details of his departure — and it won’t be pretty,” spilled a source.

After making the decision to leave in 2019, Parsons spoke out saying, “It was a complicated road, as you can imagine.” He said he had a “very intense” summer between seasons 11 and 12 — which helped him make his decision to move on from the CBS sitcom. During the summer, Parsons was working on a Broadway play only a week after season 11 wrapped and on his only day off he was filming a commercial.

“I had a contract with Intel and so I’d scheduled that,” he said. “I was exhausted.”

To make matters worse, Parsons said his 14-year-old dog was slowly declining. “So I went and did the commercial, I came back, and then Monday I went to do the play, and (the dog) had a really bad seizure that night, so I knew that we had to make a decision,” he explained.

Parsons — along with Galecki and Cuoco — have continued to book work since The Big Bang Theory left the air.

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