Shakira is blasting Spanish prosecutors, accusing them of a smear campaign ahead of her possible 8-year sentencing for tax evasion. But the Hips Don’t Lie singer, 45, filed new documents saying not so fast, alleging she paid $90 million in taxes to the Spanish government.

Shakira alleged she wasn’t required by law to pay the Spanish Uncle Sam for the years they are accusing her of failing to pay more than $14 million in taxes from 2012 through 2014 — because she wasn’t a resident of Spain.

The Grammy winner filed the documents obtained by TMZ on Friday, lashing out at the prosecutors and claiming she has receipts to back up her innocence.

The law in Spain declares she’d be required to pay taxes if she spend 183 days or more there in a calendar year; however, Shakira said that during the years in question, she paid the United States over $10 million in taxes because she was on American soil working as a coach on The Voice.

The documents show that Shakira declared herself a tax resident of Spain in 2015 after she enrolled the kids she shares with ex Gerard Piqué in school there.

The Grammy winner also claimed that prosecutors are coming for the income she earned in 2011 — when she was on a global tour and allegedly only spent 60 days in the country.

According to Shakira, prosecutors’ attempts to lock her up is nothing more than a smear campaign. She took it one step further by claiming they are violating her right to privacy and presumption of innocence for dragging her name publicly.

Shakira said she has already paid the Spanish government a whopping $90 million in taxes — and shouldn’t owe a penny more. can reveal Shakira’s day in court will take place in the town of Esplugues de Llobregat near Barcelona, where she will face six counts of tax fraud. The trial date has not been set.

But her upcoming court date won’t stop her from leaving Spain.

This outlet has also discovered Shakira’s selling the multimillion-dollar Barcelona mansion she shared with Gerard post-split and moving to Miami with their sons come the new year.

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