Kickboxer Danil Sharov suffered a horrific skull fracture in his latest venture to the ring – but he stunningly tried to carry on fighting.

The Russian made his pro debut on the WAKO’s FKR PRO 1 undercard this past weekend in a lightweight clash with his namesake – Danil Kirikov.

But he sustained an injury seldom received by pros courtesy of a nasty knee.

A devastating knee in the clinch connected flush on the forehead of Sharov with just over 30 seconds of the second round remaining.

Sharov wasn’t initially aware of the damage he sustained, although the same couldn’t be said for Kirikov.

Kirikov immediately pointed out the injury to the referee, which prompted a worried glance from Sharov.

Sharov, however, paid no attention and continued fighting – firing a hard low kick at his opponent.

But the referee intervened after seeing the huge dent in Sharov’s forehead and called the ringside doctor to inspect the damage.

The docotor didn’t like what he saw and immediately waved off the contest after putting his thumb into the indentation.

Sharov looked stunned by the decision, although it saved him from taking potentially serious brain damage.


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