Aia Polansky went out for a jog on a beautiful and sunny Boston morning in 2019. She was in such a good mood, and her day was off to the perfect start — until she saw a man pulling down his pants to flash her as she ran by.

The single mother of three decided she couldn’t just keep running. She couldn’t let this guy get away with it and expose himself to more people.

Aia made a swift U-turn and ran straight back toward the man to confront him. He never saw it coming.Aia wanted him to know she wasn’t afraid of him — and boy did she let him know.

Meanwhile, Aia asked passersby to help her out by calling the cops, but she was disappointed by their lack of action. “They chose not to do that,” she told ABC News. “They made a choice not to choose to help out. So that was challenging for me to realize that this was just me, myself and I in this situation and I have to help myself out.”

The alleged flasher was about to learn he’d just made a *big* mistake by messing with this single mom — who also happens to be a personal trainer and former member of the Israeli army.