The main event of the ONBE on Prime Video 5 began with Anatoly Malykhin seeking a victory over the Light Heavyweight king Reinier De Ridder. The Russian put on a brutal show of power and busted up De Ridder in the first round of the bout which didn’t leave him capable of even walking out of the arena. ‘The Dutch Knight’ had to be carried off in a stretcher after absorbing ‘Saldkiy’s’ deadly blows.

The first round started with a Malykhin coming out with guns blazing. Reinier De Ridder took a cautious approach. He went into a clinch, which finally broke out after a minute. Malykhin landed some vicious shots on De Ridder. The latter went for a takedown, but Malykhin escaped it. Malykhin landed a brutal left jab and another heavy right hand. De Ridder already had his upper nose busted up.

The first round was dominated by Malykhin. Malykhin went for some brutal shots. De Ridder looked wobbled as he kept his back on the cage. A brutal left and a body shot combination sent De Ridder to the ground. Malykhin also started his vicious ground and pound. After a few brutal hammerfists, the referee stopped the onslaught. ‘Sladkiy’ made his prediction turn into reality. De Ridder was battered in the fourth minute of the first round.

In his post-fight interview, Malykhin called out all ONE Championship Light-Heavyweights and Heavyweight fighters saying, “I’m best of the best World Champion. One Championship Heavyweights, Come on, Light Heavyweight come on.”

He also said, “I’m so happy. I have the the best family, the best kid in the world. I have the best boss in the world.”

Malykhin had also managed to turn his prediction into reality. He mentioned, “I already knew I am gonna win. I wanna thank all my people.”

He also took a vow as he said, “I am gonna learn English. The next time I come here, I will give it all.”

Fans were amazed by Malykhin’s domination at ONE on Prime Video 5

The fans seemed startled at the outcome. A lot also of them took to Twitter to vent out their bewilderment at the results of this fight. A lot of MMA covering pages also tweeted about the shocking finish.

One user commented on the outcome of the fight.

RDR just got fucked up

— Alex Behunin (@AlexBehunin) December 3, 2022

Another one continued on a similar tone.

Jesus christ. Malykhin just annihilated RdR

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) December 3, 2022

The amazement was quite apparent from their words. Some others were also startled and their tweets reflected their state.

My goodness!!! That was absolute destruction from Malykhin. #ONEonPrimeVideo5

— John Morgan (@JohnMorgan_MMA) December 3, 2022

Anatoly Malykhin absolutely touched up de Ridder for as long as that fight lasted and he is the new Light Heavyweight champ, handing de Ridder his first career loss.

— Aaron Bronsteter (@aaronbronsteter) December 3, 2022

The fans sounded impressed as well. An MMA covering page continued in the same appreciative tone.

Wow incredible finish by Malykhin to finish De Ridder #ONEChampionship

— Morning Kombat (@morningkombat) December 3, 2022

Another MMA covering page posted the final moments of the fight.

One follower put out the video of the slain ‘The Dutch Kinght’ being carried out of the arena in a stretcher.

Reinier de Ridder is wheeled out of the SM Mall of Asia Arena.#ONEChampionship#ONEonPrimeVideo5

— Karl Batungbacal (@BlackMambito24) December 3, 2022

One more MMA covering page also reported the event and put out a tweet.

Anatoly Malykhin becomes a ONE champ-champ by systematically beating down Reinier de Ridder with punches to the head and body until putting him out for good at the end of the first round, adding the light heavyweight crown to his heavyweight championship. #ONEonPrimeVideo5

— Sherdog (@sherdogdotcom) December 3, 2022

A fan also appreciated the utter domination of Malykhin in the fight.

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Scary thing is you expect a dude like that to slow down , but Malykhin looked like he could fight at that pace. De Ridder was really never in that fight.

— caposa (@Grabaka_Hitman) December 3, 2022

‘Saldkiy’ shocked the fight world with his vicious knockout turning his precision to a reality.


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