Fallen former A-list star Vince Vaughn has been begging old pals to help revive his near-dead career.

According to sources, the 52-year-old actor has reportedly reached out to former costar Ben Stiller, pleading to reunite in a remake of one of Vaughn’s last big hits – 2004’s Dodgeball.

“Vince is desperate to get his career back on track and he thinks the FASTEST way is to revisit a beloved film they made together,” spilled a source.

Vaughn was one of the biggest stars of the early 2000s, with massive hits like Old School and Wedding Crashers, until a string of flops and a reputation for being difficult nuked his popularity.

The actor hasn’t had a mega-successful movie hit in over a decade. He starred in 2020’s Freaky which did modestly well but that has been the only bright spot on his resume for years. Several of his comedy projects were outright bombs.

His last comedy hit was 2009’s Couples Retreat. After that came a series of box office duds including The Dilemma featuring Kevin James, The Watch with Ben Stiller, Delivery Man, and The Internship with Owen Wilson.

On top of his career tanking, in 2018, Vaughn was arrested for driving under the influence in Manhattan Beach, California. Police pulled him over after coming into contact with him at a checkpoint. He ended up pleading no contest and the criminal charge was reduced to a “wet reckless.”

Despite denials from Vaughn’s reps, insiders said he has also reached out to former girlfriend and The Break-Up co-star Jennifer Aniston, 53, for help getting good parts.

“Vince was big when he went out with Jen in 2005 and 2006, but their fortunes have changed dramatically,” dished a source — adding that the two remain friendly and that Vaughn believes her Echo Film production company has plenty of projects he could easily plug into.

“It makes Jen sad to see how far Vince has fallen and she wants to help — so she may be his best hope!” the source added.

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