Patti LaBelle was rushed off stage in the middle of a Milwaukee show Saturday night after the venue was hit with a bomb threat.

The unsettling moment at the Riverside Theater was captured on camera, showing two men rush onto the stage and grab the mic stand from LaBelle as she was clutching a bouquet of flowers and speaking to the crowd.

“Hold up. Wait!” LaBelle cries as one of the men grabs her by the arm and forces her to drop the bouquet. Another man in black runs from stage right and snatches LaBelle’s free arm.

The audience’s laughter quickly turns to confused coos as the men escort LaBelle offstage and the musicians abandon their stations to run after the Godmother of Soul.

Authorities evacuated everyone from the theater and are investigating the threat, according to a police release shared by a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter.

Another video taken outside the theater shows the patrons waiting on the street for an update on the situation.

“We do not know if we can go back inside to the venue,” the woman taking the video said. “It would be up to the Riverside Theater if we can go back inside but now everything’s on halt.”