The book in question is The Sealed Envelope: Who Framed O.J. Simpson for Their Murders, How They Did It and Why They Got Away With It, which will be referred to as The Sealed Envelope from now on because that’s a very long title.

The book alleges that ‘everything we’ve been told since 1994 is a lie’, claiming the narratives and events people believe surrounding the killings of Nicole Brown and Ronald Goldman are ‘a lie created by the killers’.

It accuses a ‘corrupt and complicit district attorney’s office’ of going along with this supposedly false narrative while alleging that prosecutors had ‘proof of OJ Simpson’s innocence’ right from the very start.

The Sealed Envelope then claims to contain ‘hidden evidence, suppressed witnesses and scandalous misconduct’ while arguing that the real killers were ‘far closer to Nicole than previously thought possible’.

For those wanting a refresh on the basic history of the case, OJ Simpson was an actor and former American footballer who was accused of murdering his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ronald Goldman.

They were found stabbed to death on the night of 12 June, 1994, which kicked off an 11 month trial that garnered global attention.

Around 100 million people watched as Simpson was given a hugely controversial ‘not guilty’ verdict on 3 October, 1995, with many who followed the trial believing he had committed the murders.

In 1997 a civil lawsuit against Simpson from Goldman’s family resulted in a civil jury unanimously finding him liable for battery and wrongful death against Goldman, and battery against Brown.

In 2007 he released a book titled If I Did It: Confessions of the Killer.

Simpson has always maintained that he is innocent of the killings, and says he still has ‘trouble’ with Los Angeles as he fears he’ll encounter his ex-wife’s real killer there.

Written by Sheryll and Shatelaine Shipley, The Sealed Envelope claims it has the answers behind ‘who actually did it’, as well as answering the questions ‘why, and how they got away with it’.

It alleges that Simpson was actually framed by Nicole Brown’s parents, claiming that they were behind the whole thing and did it so they could keep living in a house owned by the former American footballer.

Nicole’s family are unlikely to approve of the shocking allegations made against them in the book which claims they secretly killed her and got away with it.

Since her death they have defended her memory, with her sister Tanya saying some family members are still dealing with the pain and trauma of her killing.

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