A boy has tragically lost his life after he stuck his head out of a bus window, and hit it on a post.

A seven-year-old boy was on his way to a pilgrimage with his family in Mexico, North America.

The family was venturing through the Latin country to celebrate the patron saint of Mexico, ‘Our Lady of Guadalupe’, on Sunday, December 11 – a very important Catholic pilgrimage that attracts millions each year.

Tragically, the accident occurred in one of the streets of the Quinta Maria neighborhood in the city of Veracruz.

Witnesses have gone on to explain how the tragedy happened

They claimed that at one moment the boy randomly stuck his head out of the window of the bus, and was hit by a post as the driver approached the side of the road.

The seven-year-old was reportedly pronounced dead at the scene, and was left in the back of the bus.

Red Cross paramedics, who were at the location, could only confirm the poor boy’s death.

Meanwhile, the driver of the bus shockingly fled the area before the police arrived. Reportedly, he got out of the vehicle just as cops arrived.

The tragic story has left the public distressed, as many users have taken to criticise the child’s parents on social media platforms.

One person wrote on Facebook : “That’s why parents should always teach their children not to put their heads out when they’re travelling on the bus.”

While another said: “My parents always taught me to never stick my head out the window of a vehicle.”

And a third wrote: “I remember what they always told us as children. Don’t stick your head out the car window. Poor little creature.”

It currently remains unclear whether the police have launched a search for the driver.

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