A video of two women cleaning high-rise apartment windows without any safety equipment has shocked the internet.

Two women in northeastern China filmed cleaning windows outside an 11th-floor flat without safety harnesses have renewed debate on workplace safety in a country where deaths from falls remain common.

The viral video taken by a neighbour in an opposite building in Songyuan, Jilin province, showed the women standing on a windowsill wearing aprons and face masks and no safety equipment, media outlet Farmer Channel reported.

One of the women was filmed completely outside the building, using one hand to clean and the other to hold the window frame to avoid falling to the street below.

“They are not even equipped with any safety harnesses. They are too audacious!” The unidentified neighbor exclaimed in the video.

The neighbour who filmed the unidentified women says he was frightened watching them work and feared for their safety. Photo: The Paper

The neighbor said the sight of the two women without any safety gear was concerning and caused him to, “break out into a cold sweat”.


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