Paul McCartney jokingly dismissed the weird theory which suggested that his solo song “Wonderful Christmastime” is actually about Witchcraft.

Rock music is full of conspiracy theories that are really out there, but you’d be forgiven if your face went blank after reading the intro above.

Although not as ubiquitous as Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You”, Sir Paul’s “Wonderful Christmastime” has become firmly enmeshed in the modern festive traditions of several countries around the world.

On the whole, the song reads like your run-of-the-mill Christmas carol, phrases like “the moon’s right, the spirit’s up” have apparently led some to believe that the famous Beatle is actually singing about a gathering of witches and the summoning of spirits.

I know, right?

As the festivities drew near, Sir Paul addressed this quite amusing conspiracy theory in a recent Q&A with his website, where he said (transcription via Rock Celebrities):

“Oh yeah. Well, thank goodness they found me out. This is completely true, and in actual fact, I am the head wizard of a Liverpool coven. Either that… or it’s complete nonsense. And you know it’s the latter.”

Moreover, McCartney underlines how there was never a “moon” in the lyrics, and that he was actually singing of about the “mood” being right:

“It’s ‘the mood’! This is the mood; I’ve gathered together the witches and wizards… I’ve got ‘the mood,’ which is what we in wizardry call it. The thing is about this stuff; it’s so easy to convince half the people in the world. You do have to be a little bit careful.”

He went on:

“No, it’s ‘the mood.’ And you know what, I’m thinking about Liverpool Christmas parties; that’s really all I’m doing with that song. ‘The mood is right, let’s raise a glass, the spirit’s up,’ you know, all the stuff you do at Christmas. Particularly with my old Liverpool family parties.”

Watch the music video below and let us know what you think!