In order to treat the symptoms of cancer that will kill him in a matter of weeks, a critically ill Kansas man used a marijuana vaporizer and THC paste, which led police to raid his hospital room.

Police have gone to Greg Bertz’s 69 room at Hays Medical Center on December 16. He was compelled to show up for court on January 2 although being so sick that he is unable to leave his bed after officers discovered marijuana products in his chamber. 

Three states in the US still forbid the use of medical marijuana, with Kansas being one of them. The Kansas City Star cited Bertz as saying that his doctor had instructed him to take any painkillers he needed. However, it’s thought that another employee leaked information on Bertz, which led to the ensuing raid. 

According to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, medical cannabis is prohibited in Kansas, despite the fact that 68 percent of state citizens support access to state-approved medical marijuana.

Nebraska and Idaho both forbid the practice. Bretz, who has an illness that is chronic and incurable, told The Wichita Eagle that he frequently lies “flat on his back” in his hospital bed and needs assistance standing up.

Since being hospitalized about three weeks ago, he has been using vaporizers as well as consuming THC paste with bread to treat his condition’s symptoms. 

The 69-year-old claims that a doctor advised him to choose any painkillers he wants to feel better with because there is nothing that can be done medically to cure him or stop the cancer from progressing.

Finally, a hospital employee saw him smoking the vape and reported him. Three police policemen were then dispatched and arrived at his room.

At that point, officers informed Bertz that, given the presence of oxygen in the space, his vaping equipment might pose a fire risk. In many vaping devices, inhaling triggers the heating element powered by a battery, which evaporates the liquid in the cartridge or reservoir, Daily Mail reports.

Some individuals have burned themselves after inhaling nicotine while breathing through a nasal tube due to flaws that have occurred throughout the past year. Bretz stressed that he does not require additional oxygen, thus there is no danger of an oxygen tank catching fire.

The three officers were adamant about taking away his THC paste, he continued, but he fought against it because his vape liquid contained hardly any if any, THC.

Reports suggest that Bertz will make an effort to get in touch with the prosecution as well to see if a postponement of his court date is possible.