Paula Abdul isn’t being straight up.

The 60-year-old singer baffled her Instagram followers Sunday when she shared photos of herself looking decades younger than she really is.

Abdul posed alongside Heidi Klum, Jaclyn Smith, Paris Hilton and “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Crystal Kung Minkoff while attending Kathy Hilton’s Christmas party, but the former “American Idol” judge’s fans were more focused on her Photoshop fail than her celebrity friends.

“This looks like a completely different person,” one Instagram user commented.

“Wow. I don’t understand this. Everyone knows what you actually look like. The amount of editing here is embarrassingly obvious,” another wrote.

“holy s–t!! She looks like a little girl,” a third added.

Several social media users even went so far as to joke that the Abdul in the photos was an impostor.

“Who is this?” one person asked.

“Where is Paula,” another echoed.

“Someone stole Paula’s Insta..that’s an entirely different face!” one more follower wrote.

Others encouraged the famed choreographer to embrace her natural beauty.

“you should be proud to age gracefully,” one fan commented, adding, “Why do you need these extreme filters! You’re making young girls and women feel that they need filters that they can’t be proud of themselves the way they are and that’s very very sad!”

“Please calm down on the photoshopping. Your [sic] gorgeous without it. No need to set false expectations/reality,” another agreed.

While Abdul has yet to address her Facetune faux pas, she appears to have had a great time at the star-studded holiday celebration.

“@kathyhilton always throws the most fabulous holiday party ,” she captioned her post. “Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day relaxing, celebrating and surrounded by friends and family. Sending you lots of love and holiday cheer♥️ XoP.”