A four-year-old boy from Argentina was reportedly beaten to death by his mother and stepfather after he allegedly had some chocolates. The mother, Victoria Belen Godoy, and stepfather, Luis Alberto Gallo, had initially told authorities that Little Renzo “fell out of the bathtub” to explain why their son had such serious injuries.

He was taken to the hospital in Berazategui District, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. But the autopsy results indicated that Renzo had in fact been brutally beaten prior to his death. He also had other injuries on his body that weren’t related to the claimed incident.

Godoy and Gallo have been charged with murder and are now in custody. In addition, Gallo has also been accused by police of beating Renzo for eating the chocolates he had brought home for his stepdaughters.

After their arrest, both parties have clammed up and neither are speaking about the incident, exercising their right to remain silent. Having been together for 14 months, the couple lived together with five children, all from Godoy’s previous relationships.

Godoy’s children included a 2-month-old boy, two girls and Renzo from a previous relationship, as well as a 10-year-old boy from another relationship. The Mirror reported that Renzo’s older stepbrother underwent therapy and that is when the couple’s alleged crime came to light. The boy reportedly recounted what really happened and how Gallo had told Renzo, “The Bon O Bons are for the girls.”

Renzo’s paternal aunt, Daniela, told the local media, “When they ate the Bon O Bons, the stepfather grabbed the oldest son by the neck. He got scared and said it was Renzo. That’s when he [Renzo] began to be beaten. The [half] brother saw everything.”

“He was killed for eating a chocolate,” Renzo’s aunt added. Later, in a Facebook post, she alleged, “Victoria Godoy and Luis Gallo are murderers.” She claimed things changed when Godoy and Gallo became a couple. “That piece of trash didn’t let my brother see his children for more than a year after she got together with that son of a b***h,” she continued. “Before, she would come and bring the four boys (including one who’s not my brother’s, but we still love him just the same) and she would leave them with my mum, saying, ‘I can’t stand them, you take care of them.'”

“When she got together with that son of a b*tch, she didn’t let them come anymore, she didn’t let us come and get them, she didn’t let them celebrate their birthdays with us, with their cousins, nothing,” she revealed in the accusatory post. 

According to Daniela, she and her brother, Renzo’s father, complained about the way Godoy allegedly treated their children to try and protect them, saying, “My mum filed a complaint, my brother filed a complaint, the nursery school called her in because the boy went in beaten (we were never told because he doesn’t have my brother’s surname), my brother hired a lawyer, sh***y laws, nothing can ever be done, you always have to wait for the worst to happen.”

The Public Prosecutor’s Office is currently looking into whether the couple also abused their other kids, who are now in Godoy’s family’s care. Renzo was buried on Friday, December 23 by his grandmother.