Arnold Schwarzenegger’s daughter, Katherine, and son-in-law, Chris Pratt, make the first next-gen couple in their family. ‘The Jurassic World’ star seems extremely grateful and happy for finding Katherine, as frequently seen on his social media handles. Unfortunately, Pratt’s recent post glorifying his wife’s skiing skills didn’t resonate with the fans in the intended tone.

The Instagram post has received thousands of likes and comments in less than 12 hours. On learning about the followers’ discontent and disapproval of the post, Pratt acted swiftly with an apology. Besides, he explained what he intended to convey through the caption.

Chris Pratt’s reference to a G.I. Joe Character Turned Controversial

It’s winter and skiing season is here! Pratt shared a post featuring the couple ready to take on the skis in the backdrop of snowy mountains. While the picture received comments expressing love and admiration, the caption didn’t seem to please the viewers. “Find you a woman that can ski like a badass all while dressed in black tight-fitting ski outfit lookin like storm shadow,” he wrote.

A few fans didn’t appreciate Pratt’s articulation of beginning the caption with, “Find you a woman..” as it seemed to refer to his ex-wife. While a few pointed out using “storm shadow” to describe his wife, Katherine. Without much ado, the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ actor stepped in to clear the air about the misinterpretation with a heartfelt apology.

Requesting the Instagram users to “Please disregard my previous message and accept my heartfelt apology,” Pratt explained that ‘Storm Shadow’ referred to a character in G.I. Joe, a popular animated series. Furthermore, he justified that finding a woman dressed in all white could have a potential risk of losing her on the mountain. “So instead find you a woman, that looks like snake eyes.”

Pratt’s Sense of Humor didn’t Work in His Favor

Chris Pratt is greatly admired for his acting skills and sense of humor. However, it backfired on him in his recent Instagram post. His attempts to make metaphorical descriptions of his beloved wife raged into a storm of critical comments on the figurative language he had used.

That said, a lot of them checked in on Pratt’s eye after his adventurous encounter with a bee. In his previous post, Pratt narrated the entire fiasco without being embarrassed about his irrationality. What do you think about Pratt’s boldness to speak his heart? Did it warrant the criticism, or not? Tell us in the comments.

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