Prince Harry revealed he and his brother William begged their father Charles not to marry Camilla Parker Bowles — pleas that the then-prince ignored — reports state that the King’s marriage almost ended in divorce years after the wedding.

Sources claim Charles was hit with divorce demands by Camilla in 2018 after their 13th anniversary. An insider said Camilla had demanded a “fast-track” divorce.

The private drama left the palace reeling as a source said at the time, “Camilla knows enough dirty secrets to bring down the monarchy — and she’s angry enough to do it.”

An insider said that Camilla had been driving everyone nuts with her argumentative style. Charles’ wife allegedly had feuds with Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, and William.

“She’s so jealous of younger beautiful Kate and Meghan, she’s waged a vicious backstabbing campaign against them, calling them commoners unfit to join the royal family!” a source said in 2018.

At one point, a source said things got so nasty between Charles and Camilla that she “threatened to reveal all the royal family’s darkest secrets” if she didn’t get her way.

The source said Camilla had demanded as much as $400 million to keep the royal family secrets. The alleged drama went down right before Charles’ 70th birthday celebrations.

“There are frantic talks going on behind closed doors at Buckingham Palace, trying to negotiate some sort of face-saving compromise,” a source said at the time. “But you know Camilla will play hardball.”

Camilla and Charles were able to work things out and no divorce was ever filed.

As previously reported, in his forthcoming tell-all, Harry wrote about how he asked Charles to not marry Camilla. He said he feared she would be an “evil” stepmother like he read about in fairy tales.

“I remember wondering … if she would be cruel to me; if she would be like all the evil stepmothers in the stories,” he said.

Harry accused Camilla of appearing “bored” during their first meeting. He believed it was because he was not the heir to the throne. Harry also revealed William did not like Camilla. He believed his father’s divorce from his mother Diana was caused by Camilla.

William and the royals have yet to comment on Harry’s book.

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