One recent example of a celebrity scandal involves actor Armie Hammer. In January 2021, a series of graphic and disturbing messages allegedly sent by Hammer to multiple women leaked on social media.

These messages, which Hammer has not confirmed or denied as authentic, included references to cannibalism and rape fantasies.

As a result of these leaked messages, Hammer has faced significant backlash and has dropped out of several upcoming film and television projects.

Following these allegations, multiple women have come forward with their own accusations of emotional abuse and manipulation by Hammer, with some describing their relationships with him as “abusive” and “manipulative.”

Hammer has not yet publicly commented on these specific allegations.

Additionally, Hammer has been investigated by the Los Angeles Police Department for an alleged sexual assault that occurred in 2017, however no charges have been filed and the case is currently closed.

The scandal has led to the cancellation of many of Hammer’s upcoming projects, including his role in the popular film “Shotgun Wedding” and the production company of the upcoming film “Gaslit” severed its ties with him, additionally, many people in the industry have distanced themselves from him.

The allegations against Hammer have also raised important questions about consent and the behavior of powerful men in Hollywood.

It is worth to note that these allegations and scandal haven’t been proven yet, but it has certainly damaged his reputation and his career.

Even if the allegations are not true, it highlights the importance of believing the survivors and taking the accusations seriously.