Viewers of Good Morning America have commended Michael Strahan for asking Prince Harry what they deemed the “best question” during the interview.

The TV anchor spoke to the Royal in an exclusive interview that aired Monday on ABC.

In it, former NFL star Strahan asked Harry about the future of the monarchy.

He said: “Do you think in the 21st century, there is a place for the British monarchy?”

“I genuinely believe that there is … not the way that it is now,” Harry replied.

His question has been praised by viewers who said it was the “best” question.

One wrote: “Great question by Strahan.”

“This interview was better than Anderson Cooper’s. Much better questions. Well done”, another added.

And one viewer tweeted: “Michael asked the best question.”

Michael sat down with the Duke of Sussex to talk about his new book, Spare, which was released in the US on January 10.

The two talked about Prince Harry‘s time in the military, and his fractured relationship with his brother, Prince William, and father, King Charles.

The pair also dove into Harry’s mother Princess Diana‘s death, and his life now as a father and husband.

Strahan had been criticized by viewers who said he should not have given Harry a platform to “complain” about his family.

“Please make them stop. They are beyond annoying,” wrote one fan.

“So much drama, Harry,” said another.

A third asked: “Why are we giving Harry all this attention?!”

Michael had appeared on GMA on Monday, despite normally being absent on Mondays.

The 51-year-old usually hosts NFL Sunday Night Football the night before and doesn’t appear on the morning show.

However, due to his interview with Prince Harry, he did show up on a rare Monday to dive into their talk even more.

The interview was pre-recorded, but Michael offered commentary on it in between clips, and therefore, had to be there for it.

Fans started to worry about the host as he had taken some extra time off after the holiday break.

Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos returned to the desk on January 3, but Michael’s seat was filled by Cecilia Vega.