What would you do if your McDonald’s order was crammed with thousands of dollars? Would you do the right thing and return it – or let your intrusive thoughts win?

Well, one man has been widely praised on TikTok for his good deed of returning the cash to the rightful owner.

It all started when Josiah (@dookiedoeboy) went to collect his sausage McMuffin and discovered it was missing.

Instead, the bag was crammed with Ziploc bags of dollar bills.

“I have to return this, because I’m a good person, I guess. How interesting. Why would you guys do this to me, do you know how bad I want this money? Why put me in this situation,” he told his 1.3 million viewers.

Josiah headed back to McDonald’s and handed over the bag.

“Are you guys laundering money out here?” He joked as overjoyed staff thanked him. Josiah said he cut the footage short, because “they were all just hugging me, and thanking me and crying.”

The staff thanked the man by giving him free McDonald’s for a month, along with $200.

The clip was soon inundated with thousands of comments, with one pointing out: “Bro, you probably just saved all their jobs.”

“You better recognize this man,” another said, “There are not many like him.”

Meanwhile, a third asked the question on everyone’s mind: “DID U EVEN GET THE SAUSAGE MCMUFFIN OR DID U FORGET?”

“Ok but in all seriousness that amount wouldn’t phase the corporation a bit,” another person wrote. “The workers and their jobs on the other hand…you’re awesome for doing that”

One TikToker joked: “Every time I’ve been told the ice cream machine was down would have played in my head over and over when making the choice.”


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