In a clip shared on Instagram on Tuesday, Steve looks gobsmacked as a woman named Darlene made the shocking comment during a recent episode.

“I just have to tell you one thing if you don’t mind?” she began as Steve looked nervous.

“We need to go ahead and let the cat out of the bag,” Darlene continued, before adding: “You and I have been sleeping together for 12 years.”

As the audience gasped, Steve looked genuinely taken aback and joked: “That’s way more than the cat!”

Clarifying what she meant, Darlene added: “I have managed to fall asleep to you for the past 12 years!”

“Oh thank you Jesus!” Steve responded, sounding relieved.

The Instagram post was captioned: “Darlene’s secret makes #SteveHarvey sweat! MEOW. #FamilyFeud,” and fans thought it was hilarious.

Taking to the comments section, one person wrote: “That was hysterical! Look at Steve’s reaction. He is funny as hell. I love this show!!”

Another person said: “His reactions all the time,” while a third joked: “Steve got some explaining to do.”


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