The world has been dying to find out whether Prince William and Kate Middleton have read Prince Harry’s memoir and what they thought about the Duke of Sussex’s explosive claims

In the weeks since the release of Prince Harry’s memoir Spare, any member of the royal family who has stepped outside has been asked whether they have read it.

With so many explosive claims about his own family, including details of a fight between the Duke of Sussex and his brother Prince William, many are wondering what they will be thinking.

Now the photograph of what the world has been dying to see has seemingly been released – Prince William and Kate Middleton reading the controversial book. Or has it? Take a closer look.

The picture is meant to resemble the Prince and Princess of Wales sitting up in bed looking pensive while they pore over the pages of Prince Harry’s memoir, which was released earlier in the month.

However, all isn’t as it seems. It’s actually not William and Kate at all, but lookalikes of the Royal couple. One clue is that they are tucking into a fishless finger sandwich.

The picture was taken by award-winning artist and photographer Alison Jackson in partnership with Birds Eye Green Cuisine.

Kate and Wills’ picture was dubbed ‘Green Cuisine serves an uno-fish-al portrait of the Windsors’, but she also staged other hilarious photographs.

Doppelgängers of the King of Queen Consort Camilla were captured tucking into a Green Cuisine Meat-Free Burger on the sofa, while lookalikes of Rishi Sunak and his family eat Chicken-Less Dippers around the dinner table

Alison said: “My work is all about bringing the imagined private lives of public figures to light through art. It is that peep behind the door we all want to see.

“With my ‘Veganuary Reimagined’ series it is easy to imagine that King Charles and Queen Camilla would want to add more plant-based options to their diets, particularly given his quest for more environmental consciousness.

“Or that the Prime Minister would gather for a meat-free dinner with his family to embrace Veganuary as he takes a break from running the country. Or how William and Kate would want to enjoy a moment to themselves for a plant-based brunch in bed and a break from busy schedules.”

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