Jessica Simpson is raising eyebrows.

The singer and fashion mogul has continued to rapidly lose weight over the past few years. Now her friends and fans are expressing concern for her well-being, wondering if she’s using healthy methods to drop the pounds.

An insider close to the blonde beauty, who is 42 years old, told Radar that pals are “extremely worried about her” as she continues to lose more and more weight. The concern among fans is also palpable as they see her proudly flaunting her small physique on social media, often showing off how she can fit into her young children’s clothing.

One social media user commented beneath a snap of the “With You” singer in her eighth-grade cheerleading jacket, “At 42, with three children, what woman fits into clothes she wore as a child? Someone [needs to] step in and help her.” Another person commented, “She looks like she is still losing weight. It seems like she’s wearing a lot of baggy clothes. I hope I’m wrong.”

Despite causing alarm among loved ones and the public, the Dukes of Hazzard actress’ longtime trainer, Harley Pasternak, said that he guides his clients to take off the weight in the safest way possible. He previously explained, “My mantra is you get lean in life and strong in the gym. So the majority of the weight loss actually came from everything she did outside of the gym [as far as being active], and then everything in the gym is about toning and tightening.”

Simpson, who infamously lost 100 pounds after the birth of her youngest child, publicly declared that despite the backlash, she’s extremely proud of her body after giving birth to her and Eric Johnson’s three kids, Maxwell Drew, 10, Birdie Mae, 3, and 9-year-old son Ace Knute. In a recent interview, she revealed, “I always celebrate my body. The fact that it made children is unreal, but you just don’t ever think you’re going to fit back into things. It’s crazy. A woman’s body is phenomenal in what it can do.”

Simpson also acknowledged the changing societal views on body image and said, “It’s hard to not see your flaws first, [but] I think that, as a society, things are changing. And that’s great because every body’s being celebrated.”

However, it’s important to note that losing weight in a healthy and sustainable way should be the main priority, and any drastic weight loss should be discussed with a healthcare professional. It’s also important to remember that every person’s body is different and one should never compare themselves to others.