The passing of Lisa Marie Presley has once again ignited a fierce battle for the King’s fortune. Insiders reveal that on January 12, at the young age of 54, Lisa Marie passed away, just four days after what would have been Elvis’ 88th birthday.

Her passing has left her mother, Priscilla, embroiled in a legal dispute over the legacy of Elvis, and the future of her twin teenage grandkids, Finley and Harper Lockwood, as reported by

The twins, whose father is guitarist Michael Lockwood, now control two-thirds of Lisa Marie’s assets following her death. Riley Keough, their 33-year-old half-sister from Lisa Marie’s first marriage to singer Danny Keough, is the rightful owner of the remaining third.

Years ago, Lisa Marie sold off the majority of her stake in Elvis’ estate. She still held some of the property and had ownership in Graceland, though. She also presided over a trust established by Elvis that included about $65 million, according to her ex-husband.

“Michael is looking to be named executor of his daughters’ trust and finances to gain control of millions in cash,” revealed the source. “But Priscilla believes this is Presley money — and she’ll fight tooth and nail to keep his hands off it!” According to sources, Lockwood, who was eventually granted a divorce by Lisa Marie in 2016 after five years of marriage, plans to resume his long-running legal cash grab.

In order to avoid a messy public trial, Presley agreed to pay Lockwood $6k per month in child support last year. After years of financial hardship, Lockwood claimed Presley was rich with wealth and had demanded support. He cited her $3–4 million contract to pen a memoir about Elvis and Michael Jackson, as well as the critically acclaimed movie starring Austin Butler, as examples of her success. At the time of Lisa Marie’s death, the two were still at odds over a particular clause in the support agreement.

She held 60 percent custody and Lockwood, 40 percent of their children. According to sources, Lockwood will now have sole custody of the children, and Priscilla won’t argue with him about it. According to insiders, Priscilla, 77, who was Elvis’ sole wife, also wants to make sure she will have legal access to the teenagers and plans to ask a judge to require visiting privileges.

Priscilla and Michael have not yet submitted any court petitions. Lisa Marie left behind roughly $3 million in debt to different creditors.