A California boy is making positive progress after he was hospitalized for head trauma he suffered while jumping on a trampoline.

Leeland Korman, 8, of Carlsbad, was celebrating his brother’s birthday last week when he and his younger sister collided on the trampoline, according to FOX affiliate KSWB-TV.

The siblings hit their heads, but did not appear to suffer any serious injuries at the time, according to ABC affiliate KGTV. It wasn’t until later that evening when Leeland’s family realized something was wrong.

Maggie Havensek, Leeland’s mom, told KSWB-TV she was making lunches for the next day when she heard a concerning noise coming from another room.

“I ran into the room and my son was seizing and not responsive,” she told the outlet.

Leeland was airlifted to Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego, where he is currently being treated, KSWB-TV reported.

The accident resulted in a brain hemorrhage, Leeland’s third grade teacher Melanie Lupica wrote in a GoFundMe campaign for his family. Leeland also had a blood clot that caused him to have a stroke, according to the teacher.

Leeland has undergone “multiple surgeries” at Rady’s Children’s Hospital, including the removal of the blood clot and part of his skull, Lupica said, adding that doctors placed the boy in a medically-induced coma “to give his body time to heal.”

But as of Wednesday, Lupica said Leeland is “slowly” waking up as doctors gradually take him off of certain medications.

“His family is with him and he is starting to show signs that he can hear them,” Lupica wrote on the website. “We are hopeful great news is ahead.”

Leeland suffered “permanent damage” to one side of his brain, Lupica said on the fundraising page. The recovery process, she added, will be “long.”

“He is not going to be able to walk,” Leeland’s mother told KSWB-TV.

Since the accident, the Carlsbad community has stepped up to support the young boy and his family.

Many of Leeland’s classmates at Magnolia Elementary School made letters and cards for the young boy that offer words of encouragement and support during his time of need, per the outlets.

“When he wakes up, we just want to make him feel like he’s loved and there’s a lot of people caring for him,” classmate Lincoln Hern told KGTV.

As of Thursday, more than $36,000 has been raised via GoFundMe for the family’s medical expenses.


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