The 65th Annual Grammy Awards are happening tonight, and rumor has it that one live act is causing a lot of concern already.

Sam Smith and Kim Petras are slated to perform their massive hit, “Unholy,” which ascended to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart in October.

According to a report on Showbiz 411, the performance “is going to make a lot of people very upset, and I guarantee there will be calls to CBS from outraged Christians.”

Reportedly, Smith will be playing Satan, and the performance will include devil worship, and “pyrotechnics like you’ve never seen.”

“It’s over the top and really crazy,” said the source. When asked if they meant “crazy good,” the source responded: “Wait and see.”

The 65th Annual Grammy Awards ceremony will be held at the Arena in Los Angeles on February 5, 2023.

Hosted by Trevor Noah, the show begins at 8 p.m. Eastern and will air live on CBS Television Network and stream live on Paramount+.


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