Barbara Eden was launched into widespread fame with the TV show “I Dream of Jeannie.” The 91-year-old actress spent more than six decades working in Hollywood and has no plans to slow down.

Although she had a highly successful acting career, Barbara’s life wasn’t without significant personal and professional challenges. After the hit show ended, Barbara faced a series of tragic events, the least of which was two divorces.

Barbara and her first husband, Micheal Ansara, tried for years to conceive a child to no avail. Finally, they had some good news after seven years of trying to have a child. They heard Barbara had fallen pregnant, and on the very day “I Dream of Jeannie” was sold.

But a long and happy marriage takes work, and Barbara has put in her fair share of effort.

Although she was over the moon, Barbara thought the show’s producers would want to replace her. To her surprise, they decided to continue filming even though she was pregnant. So, she shot a large part of the show while expecting.

Barbara shared that motherhood was the most beautiful thing she had ever experienced. She adored being a mom, and her baby boy, Matthew Ansara, was healthy and strong. However, as Matthew grew older, things took a dark turn.

Matthew formed a substance abuse habit, much to Barbara and Micheal’s shock. At the time, though, they didn’t recognize the symptoms, and Matthew was too young to understand the extent of his addiction.

Barbara remembered Matthew started sleeping much more, and his temper became unpredictable. She and Michael were dumbfounded. Matthew didn’t seek help, and the addiction became worse over time.

In 2001, Matthew tragically passed away from an overdose at the age of 35. Barbara lamented the loss of her only son, saying losing her child was the worst thing she had ever endured. She commented: “Even though he was 35, he was still my baby.”

Barbara Eden Revealed the Secret to Staying Happily Married for 32 Years

Although her first two marriages didn’t work out, Barbara found lasting love with her current husband of 32 years, Jon Eicholtz. The pair said their vows in 1991 and have been happily married since then. Barbara remarked:

“I am very lucky to have a happy marriage”

But a long and happy marriage takes work, and Barbara has put in her fair share of effort. The actress believes in compromise, saying she and Jon have only lasted this long by being considerate of the other person. They always make room for each other.

They watch sports together, and Jon is highly supportive of her career. But, Barbara said it’s imperative that partners truly like each other and enjoy spending time together. Barbara also realized it’s crucial to sometimes put Jon’s needs above hers.

Barbara Eden and Jon Eicholtz at Paramount Studios on November 19, 2022 in Hollywood, California | Source: Getty Images

But Jon has always considered his wife’s needs as well. He was there for her when she lost Micheal and travels with her whenever she has to for work. Barbara expressed her gratitude for his support, saying he doesn’t mind how busy she is. She said:

“He puts up with me working. [He] doesn’t actually mind [my schedule]. I find that it’s just great because he likes what I do. He likes me doing it.”

Due to her busy schedule, Barbara is often away from home. For long periods at a time, Barbara and Jon don’t see each other, which is why the actress appreciates her husband’s support so much.

Barbara Eden Looks Amazing at 91: She Shows How She Currently Lives

At her age, many would have expected Barbara to settle down and retire. She filled her Hollywood home with memorabilia from her years on her hit TV show, and her bookshelves are lined with awards and books that influenced her.

Barbara spends most of her free time at home with her husband and their Labradoodle, Bentley. When she’s not working, she’s enjoying her time with her family, and she shared that they’ve been having tons of fun with their new pup.

Fans commented on a post Barbara made, saying she looked “amazing.” The 91-year-old impressed many followers with her appearance and her tenacity to keep working. After a lengthy and memorable career, Barbara is still enjoying her days in the industry.

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