Many Americans are causing outrage online over the popular apparel line Good American, which Khloe Kardashian co-owns.

This week, Nordstrom added the upscale denim company to its online roster of Black-owned businesses.
But the action confused a lot of social media users.

Khloe, 38, co-owns the size inclusive fashion brand with powerhouse entrepreneur Emma Grede. According to Black Enterprise, the British beauty was raised by an English mother and has a Jamaican and Trinidadian father.

The Forbes 30 Under 30 recipient has been working alongside the Kardashian clan for years. With Grede at the helm, Good American’s sales soared after the brand launched in 2016, generating more than $1 million. She is also a founding partner in Kim Kardashian’s popular shapewear line SKIMS.

Social media sounds off about the issue

Grede is the CEO of Good American, which means she is the highest-ranking executive or top manager of the brand. So, one could argue that the company is technically Black-owned.

But some social media users of color refused to accept the title. A Reddit user named u/sayjayxx was the first to sound off about the issue.

“Nordstrom promoting Khloe Kardashians clothing brand as a black owned business. Am I missing something here? This feels so wrong.”

The post went viral, and soon, the discourse began to spill over on Twitter.

“@Nordstrom why do you have Good American under Black-owned/ Founder?” one user asked. “I’m confused,” while another person chimed in:

“Nordstrom website is saying Good American is Black-owned. I just looked up the brand and I feel like this is misleading.”

Some users were quick to school naysayers on the real owner of the brand.

“Emma didn’t co found anything, she’s the owner of Good American,” a user on Reddit wrote. “Khloe is an employee, a face for the brand,” while another person added:

“Khloe is an employee, nothing more. Emma Grede is the rightful owner of Good American.”

Well, judging by this tweet from 2021, it looks like this debate has been brewing for awhile. But why do you think it’s coming to light now? Especially during Black History Month?

Who knows! But what is your take on this? Should Nordstrom ditch the Black-owned label for Good American?