According to an unnamed source, Prince William has no intention of communicating with his brother, Prince Harry, who has garnered controversy for his public comments. The siblings’ relationship has been fraught for almost three years, starting when the Duke of Sussex and his wife, Meghan Markle, left the United Kingdom to establish a new home in Montecito, California.

Following a series of allegations about the Prince of Wales in Harry and Meghan’s Netflix documentary, as well as Harry’s forthcoming book, “Spare,” and his revealing interview with Oprah, it appears that the bond between the two brothers has not just been strained but broken permanently.

And it has also left an appearance by Harry and Meghan at King Charles’ coronation later this year in jeopardy.

According to GB News host and Daily Mail columnist Dan Wooton, an insider has claimed that that Prince William is “adamant” about never speaking to his controversial brother again.

Calling Prince William’s “rage” towards his brother as “catatonic,” he wrote: “According to my royal sources, the Prince of Wales still cannot fathom the vicious intent behind his brother’s book, which he believes marks the end of their relationship forever.

“Sure, time heals all wounds but at this moment in time courtiers believe William is adamant he will never speak to his sibling again.

“This is the tinderbox environment in which the new king expects his sons to reunite in front of an audience of billions while watching him crowned.

The Coronation is Charles’ day, I understand that.

But given he is determined to have the Sussexes in attendance – in my opinion an unwise decision driven by heart over head that will overshadow the historic event – it’s now up to the king to protect his eldest son.”

It is thought that King Charles has invited his son to the coronation, but his attendance – along with wife Meghan – has not yet been confirmed for the May event.

The Daily Star has reached out to both Prince Harry and Prince William’s teams for a comment on the matter.