Demi Moore’s crushing on Tom Cruise. Sources say the Striptease beauty is covering her trail by telling Tinseltown’s Top Gun she wants to work with him.

Insiders dished the 60-year-old bombshell has been lonely since her brief romance with 46-year-old chef Daniel Humm burned out in November and amid her ex-husband, Bruce Willis’ deteriorating health. Now, she’s got the 60-year-old movie jet jockey in her sights.

“She’s been chasing after Tom, pestering him about working together again, and he’s not exactly discouraging her,” spilled the source; however, some tease, “No one thinks it’s just about work.”

“She’s been fond of Tom for years and they’ve been in the friend zone since the ’90s when they did A Few Good Men,” the source explained. “It’s all about timing and Tom’s star power has never been stronger than it is now.”

Demi has “lots of Scientology friends and is well-liked in that tight-knit community and the admiration is shared.”

Moore’s late mom, Virginia King, was a Scientologist, and “Demi would attend meetings.” But when she hooked up with Bruce, “he banned her from going,” said the source.

However, Demi’s alleged interest in Scientology sparked back up several years ago when she began dating younger Sean Friday, drummer with the band Dead Sara, who was born into the religion.

“So, Demi and Tom have more in common than people realize,” added the insider. “Friends on both sides could see them together. She’s the adrenaline junkie who would be right beside him jumping out of planes.”

Added the source, “When Demi sets her mind on something, she doesn’t quit until she gets it.”

As reported, Moore’s home life is crumbling as her ex’s health condition worsens. On Thursday, Bruce’s family revealed he was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia.

The news comes after the 67-year-old former action star was diagnosed with aphasia — a language disorder that affects a person’s ability to communicate that typically occurs after a brain injury or stroke.

Because of his condition, Bruce was forced to step away from acting in March 2022.

The actor’s family has held onto hope for a miracle — especially now that his 34-year-old daughter with Demi, Rumer Willis, is pregnant with his first grandchild.

“He’s determined to stay coherent and lucid for as long as possible so his grandchild can have some happy memories of a grandfather who was present and active in his or her life,” a friend revealed last month. “He’s dead-set that this new baby is going to get the best he has to offer.”

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