Nathan Fillion has admitted his heartbreak at needing to announce he had pulled out of appearing at a fans’ expedition.

The Rookie star, 51, was devastated at having to disappoint his followers by pulling out of the event and took to Instagram to offer his apologies. His announcement came just days after he had shared he was “living his dream” by being on the list of stars in attendance.

He was set to appear alongside Sam Raimi at the event in Portland this weekend, but illness scuppered all hope of being involved.

The annual Fan Expo was scheduled for Friday to Sunday, with Nathan on the list for the final two nights. It welcomes thousands of hardcore fans for three days of attractions and the chance to meet celebrities.

But the Castle actor uploaded a video to his 1.3million followers on the eve of the event showing him loaded with cold and looking despondent. He said: “You were saying. ‘Nathan, your usually dulcet tones are sounding more baritone and nasally than usual’.

“Yes, that’s true. What is also true, is that I’ve come down with a cold and I will not be attending this weekend’s Portland Comic Con.”

Looking devastated, he continued: “Trust me, you don’t want any of this,” before he sniffed his snots up for the camera.

Alongside his upload, Nathan told his fans he was “crestfallen” to be pulling out. In a caption for the video, he wrote: “I have fallen ill and will not be able to attend the Convention in Portland.

“I am crestfallen. I am heartbroken. I am also full of snot and have a fever. Next time!”

Despite the disappointment, his fans took the news well and offered him their support and well wishes. One user commented: “Sorry to hear that you are ill. But i give you a big shout out for being responsible enough to stay home and not pass on the virus. Thank you! I wish more people were like you.”

Another agreed, adding: “Dang I drove across the state to see you, and yeah, my college kid too, but Dang. Feel better soon and come back to Portland soon.”


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