Spoiler alert it doesn’t stand for Henry, or even Hudson, for that matter.

You might want to sit down for this one.

For starters, it’s worth mentioning that if Jesus was around today and had a passport or birth certificate, it wouldn’t read Jesus H. Christ as his first, middle and last name.

He’s like Madonna or Cher in the sense that he’s a one name person. Christ is definitely not his last name.

But the H has been around for ages and many wouldn’t even think twice about using it.

Even Mark Twain noted in his autobiography that the son of man was frequently referred to Jesus H. Christ and used as a common expletive even when he was a young boy, according to Did You Know Facts.

And we took it as gospel – literally.

Many have speculated for years about the H in Jesus’ name.

One Quora user wrote: “Hominum. JHS = Jesus Hominum Salvator. It is Latin for ‘Jesus the Saviour of Mankind’. Homo is a third declension word, and ‘hominum’ is the plural genetive.

“But if you see it written as IHC, it is Greek iota-eta-sigma, which is read ‘yes’. It is shorthand for Jesus, just like Bob is for Robert or Tom is for Thomas.”

Of course, this left users stunned, with some even spewing their own wild theories.

One person wrote: “Dammit, I always assumed it’s ‘holy’.”

Another commented: “I was told by a Jewish friend that the H stood for Hymie ‘cuz Jesus was a good Jewish boy but your answer makes more sense.”

A third said: “I like it being his second name, ‘Horace’, better. You know, with exactly that, historically accurate spelling.”

But here’s the kicker.

According to Did You Know Facts, the Chi Rho monogram, which is commonly used to represent Jesus’s name, is taken from the first two letters of the Greek word Χριστό, which means Christ.


However, the second less common monogram used to represent Jesus: is the ‘IHC’ monogram, which consists of the first three letters of Ἰησοῦς – the Greek spelling of the name ‘Jesus.’

But people mistook the letters IHC for the Latin letters JHC, where the name emerged.

Is your mind blown yet?

So, at the end of the day, the H in Jesus H. Christ actually doesn’t stand for anything and was simply a misinterpretation that has stuck for years.

Well, there you have it’s not Harold, Hector, Hunter or Harrison!

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