Sam Hurd saw his NFL career come screeching to a halt in 2011 when he was arrested on cocaine trafficking charges.

Now, after serving 10 years in federal prison, Hurd has been released.

According to ProFootballTalk, Hurd was placed in community confinement in San Antonio on Jan. 31.

Hurd played his first five NFL seasons for the Dallas Cowboys, catching 45 passes for 739 yards and two touchdowns during that span. He then signed a three-year contract with the Chicago Bears and played one season there before being arrested after he allegedly told an undercover agent he wanted to buy cocaine and marijuana to distribute.

Hurd was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2013.

His attorney, Jay Ethington, told ABC Chicago that Hurd “will follow the right path and be a positive part of society” after being released.

“Sam was one of the very good guys that was drawn into the trap of illicit drugs,” Ethington said. “The Federal Judge that reluctantly imposed the severe sentence, was confident that when Sam returned home he’d be law-abiding and successful. Sam is a smart and caring person. Keep the criminals away from tricking him, and he’ll be just fine.”