Queen Consort Camilla shockingly canceled her entire calendar of public appearances due to a COVID-19 relapse. However, a new report claimed that the wife of King Charles III is boozing again after a fight with the new monarch over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Palace courtiers suggested Camilla has become a “sloppy gin-soaked drunk” after falling off the wagon. The insiders added that the queen consort “poses a real threat to the monarchy” and could derail King Charles’ coronation on May 2 if she “doesn’t sober up.”

Unluckily for King Charles, he reportedly does not have the option to ship Camilla off to another rehab stint in India since there is not enough time. Another source insisted that the queen consort is “too plastered to leave her apartments” and “is talking crazy” about her hated stepson Prince Harry and his controversial wife, Meghan Markle, who she wants to be banned from the coronation.

A tipster told Globe:

“However, His Majesty is adamant Harry and Meghan will attend the ceremony. He sees it as the last, best hope for an enduring family peace.”

Queen Consort Camilla Thinks Prince Harry Wants To Upstage Her?

Queen Consort Camilla allegedly believes Prince Harry plans to upstage her at King Charles’ coronation as revenge for the pain the young royal feels his stepmother inflicted on his late mother, Princess Diana, who blamed the monarch’s mistress for her divorce.

The same informant shared:

“There’s no convincing her she’s not the target of some wicked plot. Charles is at wit’s end and desperate to avoid more public humiliation.”

The magazine furthered that Camilla’s alleged booze binges have led to loud, embarrassing blowouts in the palace with King Charles and his heir to the throne, Prince William.

A mole tattled:

“Charles did everything he could to warn staff to keep mum about Camilla’s problem and hush-hush her loud, drunken attacks. Camilla tends to be an arrogant witch when she’s sober, and when she’s soused – watch out! The maids hate going to her quarters because of her verbal abuse when she’s trashed.”

King Charles Fears Queen Consort Camilla Will Never Get Clean And Sober?

Globe reported that Camilla has a history of pulling out of public events, blaming health problems. To recall, she canceled attending a remembrance service at Westminster Abbey in 2019 again due to a chest infection and also a gala dinner celebrating the 200th anniversary of Prince Albert’s birth at the London Library, where she is the vice-patron.

The palace courtier said:

“In royal circles, a health problem is code for ‘she’s drunk again.’ Charles fears she’s never going to get clean and sober and how has embraced the saying: Once a drunk, always a drunk!”

Queen Consort Camilla has yet to comment on the claims that she has been drinking again since her alleged fight with King Charles over Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s attendance at the May 2 coronation. So, avid followers of the royal family should take all these unverified reports with a huge grain of salt until everything is proven true and correct.

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