The actor was rushed to hospital in a ‘critical condition’ earlier this month after suffering from a brain aneurysm.

At the time, his manager Charles Lago said Sizemore’s family were ‘hoping for the best’ but he has since provided a further statement from the family saying that the actor was not going to recover.

The 61-year-old was found unconscious in his Los Angeles home at around 2:00 am local time on 18 February after collapsing following a stroke.

He was hospitalized and has been in a coma in the intensive care unit of LA’s Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center ever since then.

Lago’s statement explained the situation and the information that the 61-year-old’s family had received about his condition and his chances of recovery from medical experts.

He said: “Today doctors informed his family that there is no further hope and have recommended end of life decision. The family is now deciding end of life matters and a further statement will be issued on Wednesday.”

“We are asking for privacy for his family during this difficult time, and they wish to thank everyone for the hundreds of messages of support and prayers that have been received.

“This has been a difficult time for them.”

While Lago said Sizemore’s situation was a ‘wait and see’ matter when he was first admitted to hospital this latest update on his condition confirms that he is not going to recover and that his family have to make some very difficult decisions.

The actor starred in a number of iconic films. Credit: Maximum Film / Alamy Stock Photo

The 61-year-old’s acting career is best known for roles in Saving Private RyanHeat and Black Hawk Down.

Sizemore’s personal life has at times been difficult, with a history of drug abuse and encounters with law enforcement.

He was convicted of domestic violence against girlfriend Heidi Flass in 2003, while he was arrested in 2009 and 2011 for suspected battery of a former spouse.

In 2005, he was sentenced to several months in prison after being caught attempting to fake the results of a urine test, and in 2006 he pleaded no contest to taking methamphetamine outside a motel.

He was sentenced to 16 months in prison in 2007 after being arrested again while still being on probation.

Sizemore has spoken before about his battles with addiction and credited fellow actor Robert De Niro for checking him into rehab.

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