Hollywood heartthrob Antonio Banderas “hates that he is losing his hair,” with insiders claiming it’s an insecurity the Spanish actor has worked to overcome.

News outlets have learned of the Enforcer star’s concerns over his mane following years in the limelight. Banderas became a household name in the early ’90s while acting alongside Tom Hanks in the movie Philadelphia.

He later snagged a role in Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, starring A-listers Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, proving his prowess as an acclaimed film star in the years to follow.

Banderas still sends pulses racing at 62, but “he feels his thinning locks age him by decades — and he’s also sensitive to the social stigma associated with baldness. So, he feels it’s necessary to conceal it,” an insider said.

Former salon owner Dawna Jarvis, who has not personally pampered the Desperado gunman, speculated that he may have had transplant surgery or turned to a wig called a “topper.” Dr. Stuart Fischer claimed there was “no question” in his mind that Banderas opted for “hair plugs” after seeing previous photos compared to more recent ones.

Fischer has not treated the star either, but insiders agreed that Banderas appeared to have done something to help his hairline look fuller.

Banderas wants to look his best for investment banker galpal Nicole Kempel, sources claimed, alleging that he will spend “whatever it takes to cover what has become his worst source of insecurity.”

RadarOnline.com has reached out to a rep for Banderas for comment.

Earlier this month, the couple confirmed they are still going strong, stepping out together for the Film Writers’ Circle Medals Gala in Madrid, Spain.

In January, Banderas also pulled the curtain back on his personal life and revealed how much he cherished all of his blessings in the wake of a 2017 health scare.

That year, he was rushed to the hospital after suffering chest pains while exercising. It was later discovered to be a heart attack.

“It made me appreciate life in a completely different way and in a much more powerful way,” Banderas shared during an episode of This Morning.

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