Ellen DeGeneres faced cancellation in 2020 following accusations that her show had created a “toxic work environment,” which were supported by several employees who spoke out against the host’s insincere “be kind” image. However, Megan Fox had previously revealed DeGeneres’ “bossy” behavior on her own show, providing further insight into the situation. Here’s a look at how Fox made this revelation.

The scandal surrounding Ellen DeGeneres’ toxic workplace was exposed in July 2020 by a Buzzfeed article, in which former employees of The Ellen DeGeneres Show shared their experiences of workplace racism.

One ex-staffer disclosed that a senior-level producer had made a comment about her and a colleague’s hair, stating, “Oh wow, you both have box braids; I hope we don’t get you confused.”

According to another former employee, the “be kind” attitude promoted on the show was simply an act for the cameras and not a genuine reflection of the workplace culture. While the show did provide assistance and donations to individuals, it was mostly done for publicity.

Despite some producers publicly discussing addiction and mental health awareness, they contributed to the negative stigma by not practicing what they preached.

One ex-staff member expressed their difficulties in requesting a medical leave after a car accident and taking three days off to attend a relative’s funeral.

They stated that this was a prime example of a toxic work environment that made them feel like they were going insane, but in reality, they were right all along.

A decade ago, Fox appeared on Ellen to read the host’s astrological birth chart. “Do you find that you’re very independent?” asked the Transformers star after DeGeneres said she’s an Aquarius whose moon sign is Aries. The latter answered with a hard “no,” to which Fox followed up with “Bossy?” and “Controlling?”

The host answered “no” to both, but fans were quick to slam her in the comments.

“Ellen was very dishonest with her answers,” one wrote, “considering the scandal revolving around her abusing her wife, Portia. She was unnecessarily condescending and dismissive towards Megan.”

A different individual claimed that the New Girl star was correct all along. In March 2020, comedian Kevin T. Porter initiated a Twitter thread encouraging users to share stories of DeGeneres’ unpleasant behavior. TV writer Benjamin Siemon added to the thread, alleging that the host had a “sensitive nose” and required individuals to chew gum from a bowl located outside her office before speaking with her.

If DeGeneres thought someone smelled, they were sent home to shower. Such conduct is controlling and domineering.

Other public figures have also publicly criticized DeGeneres. Dakota Johnson rebuked the host when DeGeneres claimed that she was not invited to Johnson’s birthday party, only to be later exposed for turning down the invitation. Kathy Griffin and DeGeneres have an ongoing feud, with Griffin accusing the latter of being “mean” to her.