A notorious serial killer who claimed he killed over 100 people has been shot dead.

Pedrinho Matador had his throat cut and was fatally shot while outside a family member’s residence in Brazil.

The 68-year-old was attacked on the pavement in Mogi das Cruzes, located in the Sao Paulo State, on Sunday morning.

The Military Police reported that the assailants drove away in a black car, which was later discovered with ammunition nearby.

Police believe that the suspect left the car and escaped into another vehicle.

The relative told police that Pedrinho Matador (Killer Petey) was sitting on a chair when the black car pulled up and two armed, masked men got out.

She said one told her: “It’s nothing to do with you. Take your daughter and go inside.

Then they shot Pedrinho Matador before one cut his throat with a kitchen knife.

The two then got back into the car and sped off as a stunned passer-by called the police.

The case has been classified as aggravated murder by the Civil Police but no arrests were made.

Pedrinho Matador, whose full name is Pedro Rodrigues Filho, was incarcerated for 42 years after his initial arrest in 1973.

In a 2003 interview, he confessed to killing more than 100 people, including during his time in prison.

He carried out his first murder in the municipality of Santa Rita do Sapucai in Minas Gerais State.

At 14, he killed the municipality’s mayor after he had sacked his father from his job as a night watchman at a local school.

In a 1996 interview – after he had killed 40 people in jail, having served nearly 30 years – he said he had no regrets.

Many of his victims are believed to have been drug dealers, rapists, and murderers.

Among his tattoos were images of daggers and the motto “I kill for pleasure”.

In 2018, after his release from prison, Pedro Rodrigues Filho created a YouTube channel, which had 27,500 subscribers at the time of writing.

He was also active on TikTok, where he boasted 314,800 followers and used his online presence to speak out against acts of crime.

On social media, he went by the nickname Pedrinho Ex Matador (Ex Killer Petey) and claimed to have found Jesus.

Whilst he did not reveal why he felt the urge to kill online, he once shared in a podcast that his skull was left misshapen after his father kicked his pregnant mother during a fight.

He later stabbed his father to death and “chewed on his heart”, while they were both serving time in prison.

He said: “I arranged a well-thought-out plan and I turned up at my father’s cell.

“I had promised revenge on my mother’s coffin.”

He said after stabbing his father 22 times, he ripped out his heart and bit into it.

He said: “I just chewed it. I cut the tip of his heart off and chewed it, and I threw it on top of his body.”

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