The statements made by Prince Harry regarding the significant role of weed and psychedelics in his life may lead to the revocation of his US visa.

The Prince confided in his therapist, Dr. Gabor Mate, about his use of cannabis and ayahuasca, a psychoactive beverage, as a means to cope with the psychological impact of his past traumas.

During an interview for Dr Mate’s The Myth of Normal: Trauma, Illness, and Healing in a Toxic Culture, Prince Harry revealed that he began using weed and ayahuasca recreationally, but later found it beneficial for his mental health.

However, some suggest that his admission of drug use for health reasons may put his US visa at risk, as US immigration officials have strict policies regarding non-Americans using drugs in the country.

Piers Morgan, a talk show host known for his criticism of Harry and Meghan, speculated that the Duke of Sussex may have endangered his stay in the US with his admission, adding that Harry’s recent media appearances suggest he craves attention.

“So Harry’s latest wheeze is a live therapy session with Dr Gabor Mate – a famed trauma expert – in which he reminded us again that he, Harry, is the world’s biggest victim.”

Harry told Dr Mate that low-level recreational drug use had become a “fundamental part” of his life that “helped me deal with the traumas and the pains of the past”.

In his book Spare, he revealed that he used to smoke cannabis while residing at Nottingham Cottage in 2015. During his interview with Dr Mate, which aired on Saturday, he mentioned that cocaine had no effect on him.

He stated, “It was more of a social thing and gave me a sense of belonging for sure. I think it probably also made me feel different from the way I was feeling, which was kind of the point. Marijuana is different, that actually really did help me.”

The royal shared that the South American entheogenic drink ayahuasca was like wiping the filters of life’s many layers clean. He explained that it removed everything for him and brought a sense of ease, relief, comfort, and lightness that he was able to maintain for a while.

Harry added that he started using it recreationally but eventually realized its positive impact on his life. He called it a fundamental part of his life that helped him deal with past traumas and pain.

Cannabis is legal in California, where Prince Harry currently lives, while ayahuasca is only allowed for religious use in the US, although some cities have chosen to decriminalize it.

While cannabis is legal in California, carrying the substance into the US may be illegal, as medical cannabis is not regulated by the FDA. In the past, British nationals, including Nigella Lawson in 2014, have been prevented from entering the US due to drug-related controversies. It is worth noting that Lawson’s case was unrelated to drug-related offenses, but her previous admission of cocaine use led to her being stopped from boarding a US-bound flight.

Piers Morgan continued that Harry should avoid boarding a plane to the UK for the King’s coronation in May if he doesn’t want to risk getting stuck on the way home.

“Another compelling reason why we don’t want them at the king’s coronation,” said the controversial host.

“We might end up being stuck with them for good.”