Denise Russo, former star of VH1’s The X-Life, has died, according to multiple reports. She was 44.

Russo was part of one of three couples on VH1’s reality show, The X-Life, which aired in 2011. It followed the lives of extreme sports athletes and their partners. At the time, Russo was dating professional skateboarder Pierre-Luc Gagnon.

Russo was discovered unresponsive on the floor while she was at the home of one of her friends this past Sunday, law enforcement sources told TMZ.

First responders were unsuccessful in their attempts to resuscitate her on the scene, where the authorities reportedly retrieved drug paraphernalia.

Her friend Susie Stenberg, who appeared with her on The X-Life, has revealed that at the end of her life Denise was living in her car.

Denise, whom Susie described as ‘the most loving and loyal person,’ purportedly contacted her and told her she loved her one night prior to her death. 

The X-Life, which ran for just one season on VH1 in 2011, revolved around extreme athletes and the women in their lives.

At the time Denise had been involved with Canadian skater Pierre-Luc Gagnon for three years.

The problems in their relationship played out in front of the cameras, and by the season finale they had decided to take a break.

However they evidently reunited afterwards and welcomed a son together called Leo Wolf, who is now seven years old.

On New Year’s Eve a couple of months ago Denise posted a heart-melting tribute to her son, whom she referred to by the nickname Lion. 

‘To my Lion Wolf, you are the reason the sun shines bright in the sky, why the moon glows, is full and the stars twinkle,’ she wrote.

‘Leo you are why the world is good baby and magical. Thank you for being my son my cub! Love of my life, no one compares to you.’

Denise shed some light on her warm bond with her son in an interview with the tattoo-themed magazine Inked.

‘I love being a mom! I have an 8 year old beautiful son named Leo Wolf, boys rule btw and he’s the light of my life!’ she gushed.

‘We wrestle, I do my Russian wrestler accent and body slam little mouse on bed! Leo made life better and being his momma is a gift!’

She confessed in the same interview that she ‘went through a grueling custody battle,’ but did not provide further details. 

Susie meanwhile appeared on The X-Life as the wife and marketing manager of motocross driver Jeremy ‘Twitch’ Stenberg. 

Twitch, whose nickname comes from his Tourette’s syndrome, is still with Susie and shares three daughters with her.

Denise was active on Instagram, often posting photos of her son or selfies. Last week, she shared a photo of herself with the caption, “Always pouting!”