Princess Lilibet was somewhat controversially christened at her home in California – but the decision may have been taken out of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s hands.

Actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry has been chosen as Lili’s godfather along with a mystery godmother and was one if the 20 to 30 rumored guests at the intimate ceremony.

While big brother Archie was christened in the grand surroundings of Windsor Castle, Lilibet’s ceremony happened at her home in Montecito, California.

It’s been reported that no royals were in attendance at the christening, where guests were treated to an afternoon of food and dancing.

American billionaire Perry flew in a 10-person gospel choir from Atlanta to sing at the event – and it seems he may have had quite a large say on the special day.

Perry’s friendship with the Sussexes started in a rather unorthodox manner, as the actor invited the couple to movie into his £16 million, 18-bedroom home in LA back in 2020 without even meeting them.

Since then they have become firm pals, with the American producer appearing in their Netflix docuseries which was released in December.

Speaking to camera, Perry revealed that he had been asked to be Lilibet’s godfather, but there were certain conditions.

Revealing the moment that Meghan and Harry popped the question over the phone, he said: “I take a minute to take that in, and I thought I’d be honored. I’d absolutely be honored.”

Perry then realized that he didn’t want to go through with all the royal traditions – so came up with his own suggestions.

“And I got off the phone, took it all in, then I called them back, I go ‘Ah hold on a second, does this mean we got to go over there and do all of that in the church with them and figure all that out, because I don’t want to do that,” he explained.

“Maybe we can do a little private ceremony here and let that be that and if you have to do it there then it’s OK.”

Traditionally, royal children are christened at one of the royal residences, just like Archie was at Windsor Castle in July 2019.

But Lilibet had a far more intimate ceremony at her home in California, which took place last Friday.

Perry came into Harry and Meghan’s lives in a rather unusual way but has quickly become one of their closest pals – and got a thanks at the end of the prince’s memoir Spare.

They first had contact before the couple’s wedding in 2018, where Perry sent a letter to Meghan out of the blue expressing his sympathy regarding her estrangement from father Thomas Markle.

“I’d never met him before,” Meghan explained in the Netflix series. “He said he was praying for me, and if I ever need anything, he would be there.”

Years later, when Meghan was at one of her lowest points, she got back into contact with Perry to open up about her situation.

“I was just crying and crying. Sometimes it’s easier to open up to someone who knows nothing at all, and that was that moment with me and Tyler,” she said.

Perry claimed he could hear “palpable fear” in the former Suits actress’ voice as they discussed how the couple were being treated.

“She was afraid of them destroying her,” Perry explained, adding: “I saw my mother being abused for years, I know the symptoms… This woman was abused, and so was [Harry].”

After the Sussexes had stepped back from royal duties and moved to Canada, Perry offered them a place to stay in LA just before the coronavirus lockdown happened.

In the Netflix series, viewers saw Harry on his “freedom flight” as the couple jetted to California with Archie.

“This is the current situation,” he said to camera. “Thanks to another amazing friend [Perry] who we’ve never met, but who believes in us and who wants to help.”

The couple spent six weeks in “bliss” before news got out that they were in Perry’s Beverly Hills mansion, so they moved out and bought their first home together in Santa Barbara.

They wanted more privacy and admitted that Perry’s huge mansion “wasn’t their style” and that Harry prefers smaller properties.

An insider told PageSix: “While it was a nice favor to them at a very difficult time, Tyler Perry’s house with 18 bedrooms isn’t Harry’s style.

“Yes, he grew up in royalty and the halls of Buckingham Palace, but he prefers more intimate homes with character.”

A spokesman for Meghan and Harry confirmed the family made the move, adding: “They have settled into the quiet privacy of their community since their arrival and hope that this will be respected for their neighbors, as well as for them as a family.”

In September last year, Perry explained how the Sussexes were going through a “difficult time” when he invited them to move into his mansion in Los Angeles.

on the Today Show, he said: “What I know about the two of them, and I wish the world knew, how much these two people love each other,” he said, “They found each other out of all these odds against them finding each other.

He added: “They found each other and the love they have is really, really moving and I wanted to do anything I could to support them.”

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