Although surfing is a highly enjoyable sport, it does not completely cancel out its safety concerns. Recently, a British man lost his life while surfing at a beach in Bali. After he experienced a life-threatening wave, he was immediately rushed to the hospital, but unfortunately, he could not survive anymore. 

A report by the Bali Canal revealed that on Wednesday, the British man was surfing at Pererenan Beach in Bali. The incident was reported at the Badung Police station, which further revealed how the man got killed. 

83-year-old British man Antony Laskin was surfing with six other foreign nationals at the popular beach. However, while they surfed, they faced extremely strong waves. Before anyone among them could notice, Laskin was swept by strong waves off the beach. The incident happened at around 4 pm on Wednesday when he was simply dragged by the waves far away in the ocean. 

Moreover, Officer Made Rai Sucipta from Public Order (Bhabinkamtibmas) reported that before the misfortune situation, the lifeguards on the beach blew their whistles to warn the foreign nationals, However, none of the foreign nationals cared to pay any heed to the warning that cost the life of one of the surfers.

The British man was immediately rushed to the Mangusada Hospital. But soon he was declared dead. Moreover, the officer also revealed the names of the other foreigners who were surfing with Laskin and luckily got saved – Benhard Mosehik (24), Gritsch Andreas Diminik (25), and Markus Nieel (23); two Germans named Marla Sofie Heitaver (24) and Johanes Fux (30); and a Russian man named Dmitri (48).

Noticeably, Laskin was the oldest among the other surfers. Unfortunately, he was not careful with the risks surfing involved due to which he lost his life. 

There have been several instances when people lost their lives to surfing. However, last year a man decided to quit surfing after realizing his addiction to it. 

Former surfer Jason Borte was surfing from the age of 12. However, after a certain age, he decided to quit the sport completely. In an interview, Jason stated that he would go surfing several times a week. He revealed, “It’s impacted my life in every way – from where I live to my family, any trips we might take, or free time I have,”

Soon he realized his addiction to surfing. He knew that any kind of addiction was not good. So he decided to quit the sport that was his life only for the sake of how much he loved it. He shared that it taught him a lot about himself. Nevertheless, Jason was able to give his family more time than ever. 

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