Shakira seemed to get emotional when she shared a conversation with a fan during a trip to the M&Ms store in New York on Friday.

It’s not known what the two women were discussing, but the artist seemed to tear up and wipe her eyes during the conversation.

The Colombian hitmaker, 46, was dressed comfortably in the same black sweater and pants she had worn when she toured the venue earlier in the day with her children.

The Whenever, Wherever artist wore a black billed cap over her long strawberry locks. 

The fashionista had changed out of the sexy leather ensemble she wore while performing her hit Music Sessions Vol. 53 with Bizzarrap on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The song has been a huge hit since its release in January and has become the most streamed Latin track on Spotify and YouTube within a 24-hour period with 14,393,324 and 63,000,000 listens, respectively, according to Guinness World Records

The breakup tune is also the fastest Latin hit to reach 100 million views on YouTube and  most streamed Latin track on Spotify in one week (80,646,962), among other titles. 

Shakira and Bizzarrap acknowledged the accomplishment, posing with the certificates in a photo on her Instagram Stories and thanking the organization for the recognition.

Shakira is also the first artist to have two #1s on Spotify global top 50 in 2023. 

In discussing the success of the song with Jimmy Fallon, Shakira credited her oldest son Milan, nine, with suggesting the collaboration with Bizzarrap. 

‘He told me, “Mom, you’ve got to collaborate with Bizzarrap… because you guys re going to be number one.”‘

The chart topping artist said the bold youngster also sent a voicemail to her manager suggesting the partnership. 

The producer told a slightly different story. 

The Quevedo artist said he sent Shakira a direct message on Instagram last summer, but the Grammy winner didn’t see it until a couple of months later. 

Explaining her reaction after listening to the beat, Shakira explained, ‘I usually have a visceral, sort of physical reaction to music… because suddenly start moving, like, getting these small contractions from like my tailbone to my iliac bone, and then it results in hip movements.’

Jumping into the conversation, Jimmy quickly asked, ‘Are you telling me that your hips don’t lie?’

When she confirmed it, the host exclaimed, ‘This is the best thing that has ever happened to me… I can retire now!’ 

The song, which the Billboard Award winner has described as a female empowerment anthem, was released on YouTube one day before Miley Cyrus’ powerful Flowers hit the airwaves. 

Both songs have struck a chord with listeners.

Music Sessions Vol. 53 debuted at the top of the Hot Latin Songs chart and at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Flowers landed at the top of the charts and stayed there for several weeks. 

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